Swarnabhoomi – A confluence of 5 senses and 5 elements

Everybody has that one dream to own a piece of land. While purusuing this dream, many people fall for malicious deals and end up losing their money. Pate Developers wanted help people by giving them the right tools to achieve their dreams.

Sangrun Painting brochure 01

With the launch of Swarnabhoomi, Pate Developers started their new division which primarily worked on land dealings. They decided to approach Saket Communications for helping them with a kind of creative communication no one had seen before in land dealings.

Investing in a land is costlier than gold. Also, in Marathi language, soil has high emotional connect.  We mixed the two and came up with the name – Swarnabhoomi.

The communication had to be different than what people usually see! We put our greay cells to work and left for Sangrun, the location for Swarnabhoomi. The place is close to the famous getaway spot – The Peacock Bay, Khadakwasla. Being so close to Sinhagad, it has a beautiful scenic view. Being very close to nature, it has ample opportunities for photography. We got our cameras out and started clicking pictures of the area.

Hoarding 40x20 ft 1

After a bunch of photographs, we went a step forward and decided to do water-colour paintings for the best photographs we had. Water-colours gave it the theme we were looking for. The idea was to capture 5 elements and mix it up with 5 senses. The final output came out really well and has been one-of-its-kind!

Second phase of the project included helping buyers make an informed decision. Most buyers are not aware of the intricate details while buying a house, a plot or a land. Pate Developers wanted to educate them. We got our team together and decided to work on an encyclopedia of land – A ready reference guide about Do’s and Don’ts while buying and selling a land.

encyclopedia BRO1

Saket Communications has always worked on projects that have challenged! With Swarnabhoomi done, we are ready for our next challenge.


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