Calyx Group – The ‘Shubh-Labh’ Offer

Calyx – A group driven by purpose and ambition has grown into diverse sectors including Construction, Telecom and Entertainment within a span of two decades. They have emerged strong in all the sectors they are into.

logoWhen we were approached for their campaign, we were excited to get associated with a group of that magnitude. “Complimenting to the size of their business, this campaign had to be big”. Calyx had decided to go very aggressive on their offers and discounts for this particular campaign!

We got thinking!

Full Page Ad - Front PageTo our advantage, two auspicious days of Hindu Calendar fell in the same period. 21st March being Gudi Padwa and 21st April was the day of Akshaya Tritiya, both considered to be “Shubh” (auspicious) for any beginning. 21 number itself is considered to be propitious! That was the thought behind the campaign and we launched Shubh-Labh Campaign.

Starting from 21st March till 21st April, Calyxx offered ‘never seen before offers’. The result –   a news which said – Calyx Group Revolutionizes Real Estate Industry, Achieves Sales in Excess of Rs. 300 Crores With Their ‘Shubh Labh’ Offer. People welcomed the concept and the offer with open hands and made it one of the most successful advertising campaigns in real estate sector in recent times.

Later, we celebrated! Great things happen with Great Ideas! This one crossed Rs. 300 Crores… With a successful campaign under its belt, Team Saket is ready for its next challenge.



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