Meher – With Warm Regards

Meher is one of our premium fashion clients. They are popular for their woolen and winter wear. When we first came across the logo of Meher, we found it to be a bit old fashioned. The logo needed a revamp. We initially thought of a reindeer as it was widely metaphorical to winter. However, many other big brands including Allen Solly and Abercrombie had a reindeer logo.

We wanted to make the logo stMeher logoand out from the rest. Our theme for brand communication was wool!

The basic premise of Meher is Woolen Wear and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind on hearing the term wool is a sheep. We decided to make it a Vector Based Sheep which would be self explanatory.

Hence the logo.

The baseline for MEHER needed to have a personal touch. Hence, we thought “With Warm Regards” would be apt with both its meanings. The creatives used were actual photographs instead of stock photos which added to the impact. The rebranded campaign was a major hit!

2 Press

Another campaign that we ran was a major hit again as it took the brand a wider visibility. The Spread Smiles Campaign where Meher asked people to donate their old sweaters and get 20%off on New Woolen wear worked wonders.

With the client happy about the results, Team Saket has inched forward on its creative endeavor… and we are ready for out next challenge.


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