Creative Launch Campaign by Team Saket for My Ghar Seva

‘Hey c’mon guys’ world is changing and we need to change too, let’s rock ‘n’ roll something new in the media. This was the typical morale booster, shot right into our heads by our Director Mr. Soumendu Kuber. Now, this was definitely not the first, but tying knot with an e-commerce client makes all the difference.


Our client My Ghar Seva was very supportive and gave us complete freedom to create a strategy we feel fit for his service oriented company.

In the creative department things started moving. To meet the deadline and to impress our client and to give him nothing less than an armour of God, so that he makes his mark in the first appearance, well there was so much to kill in one shot.

Our thought process was focussed – We wanted to protray anything and everything related to home packed in a powerful eCommerce App – After days of sketching, changes and modifications, we came up with a logo  – a mobile and arrow is going upward signifying all services that we require withing the 4 corners of a home!

Pune is an ever expanding city, mainly due to migration from all corners of the world. More people means more homes to stay and more homes means more maintenance. As people work overtime, they often find it difficult to upkeep their homes. Their arises a huge requirement for a magician to maintain their homes. That was the thought process behind the brand communication.

We were praying for some magic to happen, some angel or a magician to appear and do the trick for us.

And so it happened, ‘Just Like Magic’, the beginning of the creation was more thrilling than we thought. The power packed Creative Team created a mind blowing campaign. Yes! Challenge was faced and achieved. But, at Saket this is just the beginning, we are ready to face more such challenges.  And yes, we will keep rocking and rolling the media with our creativity.

MagicCampaign-12X20cmWe wanted something interesting and tempting. After breaking heads on various ideas, we got what we were looking for!


Right from its unique logo design, content to visualisation…everything is eye catchy.. our client said it is an intelligent ad campaign. What Do You Say?


This is our online funda of progress.. cheers!

A bit about My Ghar Seva

Finding reliable and trained technicians for house based services is a big problem for every house hold in India. We at My Ghar Seva have begun the journey to fix this problem. We want to change the landscape of house based services and become a leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened technicians/professionals. We will help us find technicians from plumber to event managers.

Now you can find trained technicians on your fingertips!!!

To download the app- Scan the QR Code given below. 

qrcode (1)

…and as for Team Saket, we had a great time working on the launch campaign! A Great concept with a Great client and a bunch of creative minds working at one of the top advertising agencies in Pune results into a Great Launch Campaign!

We are ready for the next one!!!



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